A Resolution For Change

A Resolution For Change

Change is something most of us do not like very well.  But here at the first of the year is a good time to consider making some positive changes in our lives!  Making resolutions to improve ourselves is one of the great things about a new year.  Sometimes, we have to fight with ourselves to accept and even to seek change.   That’s why I’ve titled this article, ‘A Resolution For Change,’ with the emphasis on for.

One truth of human existence is that we are usually much more comfortable for all things to remain the same.  But resistance to change is stifling to growth.  If you want to grow and become better in any aspect of your life, then you must be willing to accept change.  Growth demands change…you cannot avoid it.  Wouldn’t you agree that spiritual growth would be a worthwhile resolution for 2020?  Furthermore, wouldn’t you agree that spiritual growth and change to become a better follower of Christ would be a positive goal for your life?  If we can learn to seek positive change, embrace it, and not be afraid of it, then we can open the doors for even greater growth.  On the other hand, if we resist and refuse to deal with change, we will become stagnant, fossilized, unable to cope and set in ways that may not be best.

A public health nurse in New York City was having a class to teach new parents how to care for their babies.  You talk about having to learn how to cope with change!  Having a baby is one of the biggest change experiences a couple can have.  The class was composed of people of various nationalities, all of whom had their first child.  As you might expect, there were lots of cultural influences at work.  The nurse was demonstrating how to properly diaper and then wrap a blanket around a newborn baby.  The diapering went well.  Everyone seemed to understand.  But as she was demonstrating how to wrap the baby, a young Oriental mother said, “You mean we should wrap the baby like an egg roll!”  The nurse said, “Yes, that was a good comparison.”  But a Hispanic mother spoke up anxiously and said, “I don’t know how to make egg rolls.  Can I wrap my baby like a burrito?”  Sometimes, you just have to adapt and change in the best ways you can.  Any good parent wants his or her child to grow, to be strong, and to be healthy.  God wants His children to grow, to be strong, and to be healthy spiritually.

God wants His people to experience positive change.   One verse from 1 Corinthians 11:1 is enough to prove this truth, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”  Seek that kind of change in 2020.  God will bless you!

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