Coronavirus Safety Precautions

As expected, we now have COVID-19 cases in the DFW area.  What I said in my announcement last Sunday is still true:  There is no need to panic, but we need to take proper precautions.  With an outbreak of any illness there are things we can to do protect ourselves.  I have compiled the following… Read More »

What Did You Do With Your Extra Day?

Merilyn and I had a great trip to the Phoenix, Arizona area last week to visit our daughter and son-in-law.  Last Sunday we went with them to worship at their home congregation, the Mesa Church of Christ.  The preacher, Terry Singleton, had a good bulletin article that I thought was worth sharing with  you. What… Read More »

Being Disciples And Pleasing God

Each time we meet to worship God, we have a group of people who are diverse.  There are people of all ages, different nationalities, a range of socioeconomic status, and various physical attributes. The most important point is that each person has an eternal soul.  We come together to enjoy our time of worship to… Read More »

Handling Change With Faith

Last Sunday and Monday were gorgeous days, especially for the first few days of February.  Temperatures were in the middle to upper 70’s.  Skies were blue without a cloud in sight.  Gentle breezes were blowing.  Birds were singing.  I even saw some patches of daffodils blooming.  It was fantastic!  Then the cold front of Tuesday… Read More »

Life, Faith, And Eternity

The deaths of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others in the helicopter crash last Sunday has dominated the news this past week.  It was an event that brought shock, disbelief, and an outpouring of grief from a huge number of people.  One news article that I read had a section in which… Read More »

Endurance In Faith

Did you notice through the month of December how many TV commercials there were that offered special deals for joining a gym?  There have even been quite a few in the first weeks of January.  Why have there been so many?  Because the gym owners know that many people make a New Year’s resolution to… Read More »

Living In A Different World

It is a strange, unusual, and sometimes baffling world in which we live these days.  We are all aware of the shooting that happened at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Ft. Worth on December 29.  This terrible act resulted in the deaths of two brothers in Christ and the death of the gunman. … Read More »

Fighting Temptation

Sicknesses are sweeping through the north Texas population right now.  Flu, colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, and respiratory allergies are running rampant.  I have had a bad cold that started the day after Christmas.  It got better after a week but then it turned into a sinus infection that I am still fighting to overcome.  It… Read More »

A Resolution For Change

Change is something most of us do not like very well.  But here at the first of the year is a good time to consider making some positive changes in our lives!  Making resolutions to improve ourselves is one of the great things about a new year.  Sometimes, we have to fight with ourselves to… Read More »

The Gift Of Family

For many people—including Merilyn and me—the greatest thing about the holiday season is the opportunity to share time with family, fellow Christians, and friends.  It is good that we have time like this set aside in the year so we can take a break from the routines of our everyday lives and spend special times… Read More »

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