Faith Can Overcome Fear

             A low-pressure weather system was noticed by the National Weather Service off the western coast of Florida on September 14.  No one thought too much about it.  The weather experts knew it would go westward across the Gulf of Mexico.  It was expected to move into Louisiana, Texas, or Mexico and bring some rainfall… Read More »

Talk About Dedication!

             In one Peanuts comic strip, Lucy had figured out a way to improve her baseball playing ability.  She proudly came up to Charlie Brown who is the manager of their woeful baseball team.  She declared, “Look at this, manager.  Talk about dedication!  See?  I’ve written a note to myself to remind me what I… Read More »

Excellent Spiritual Growth Resources

              Does God want His people to grow and develop maturity in our spiritual lives?  There is no doubt that the answer is, “Yes!”  God inspired Peter to write in 2 Peter 3:17-18, “You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, take care that you are not carried away with the error of lawless people and lose your own… Read More »

An Example For World Leaders

Abraham Lincoln was a remarkable man.  In his desire to serve the public, he ran for various offices and lost more elections than he won.  He would not give up in the face of defeat.  When he became President, he held to principles of right, justice, and human decency even though his opposition to slavery… Read More »

The Practice Of Religion

             People around the world are religious.  A bit of research about religion on the Internet shows that the five major religious groups in our world are Christianity, Islam, Unaffiliated, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  It is interesting to see that Unaffiliated, or no religious affiliation, is recognized as a faith group.  In fact, it is because… Read More »

Be Aware!

One morning recently as I arrived at work, two Dallas police cars were sitting in our parking lot on the fellowship hall side.  I was glad because an older Chevrolet Suburban had been pulled into the brush in the rear parking area and I wanted to ask them to check it out.  I stopped, introduced… Read More »

Where Does The Time Go?!

This past week I overheard a few of our ladies talking and one said something like, “I can’t believe summer is over already.  Where did it go?!”  All school-age children are probably thinking the same thing!  In a few weeks Merilyn and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.  That sounds a bit odd to… Read More »

The Privilege Of Education

As of tomorrow morning all of our public school students will be starting or continuing their education.  Several districts began last Monday and all others begin tomorrow.  Are the students excited about school starting?  I hope so.  From elementary age students to college age students, having the opportunity to get a good education is a… Read More »

God Is The Answer America Needs

God Is The Answer America Needs Two more mass shootings in America.  In El Paso, Texas a young man walked into a crowded Walmart with a semi-automatic weapon and opened fire.  He killed 22 people and wounded 24.  In Dayton, Ohio a young man went with his semi-automatic weapon to a popular restaurant and bar… Read More »

Preparation:  A Key To Success

Preparation:  A Key To Success             This past week I pulled into the Walmart where I usually shop.  A large section of the parking lot that had been filled with plants, mulch, garden soils, and other gardening things was completely cleared out.  I thought, “The yard and garden season is not over!  What gives?”  I… Read More »