Handling Change With Faith

Handling Change With Faith

Last Sunday and Monday were gorgeous days, especially for the first few days of February.  Temperatures were in the middle to upper 70’s.  Skies were blue without a cloud in sight.  Gentle breezes were blowing.  Birds were singing.  I even saw some patches of daffodils blooming.  It was fantastic!  Then the cold front of Tuesday and Wednesday came through our area.  The temperature on Tuesday went from 65 in the morning to 45 by late afternoon, then 36 by Wednesday morning.  The sky was filled with gray clouds that brought bone-chilling cold rain.  The wind would cut through you like a knife.  The birds must have been hunkered down somewhere trying to stay warm.  They were surely not out singing.

Weather systems like this give a vivid example of one of the basic principles of life.  That life principle is that things change.  Sometimes things change immediately and drastically like when there is an unexpected death, an accident, a diagnosis of life-threatening illness, or a natural disaster that destroys homes and perhaps takes lives.  Sometimes things change more gradually like when a child is growing up, a loved one has a lengthy illness, marriages that grow and develop through the decades of life together, or a person’s proficiency increases in a chosen career, educational pursuit, or athletic ability.  The point is that things are always changing in one way or another.  Sometimes the change is positive and sometimes it is negative.  Change is inevitable.  No one can escape it, but we can learn to handle it.

The apostles give an excellent example of how to handle change.  Consider the last week of Jesus’ earthly life.  The first of that week was fantastic with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Crowds were excited and praising Jesus.  The apostles were right there with Him, enjoying the adulation.  By Friday evening Jesus had been executed on the cross like a terrible criminal.  What a drastic change for them!  They were distraught and didn’t know what to do.  Fortunately, Jesus returned just like He said He would and got them back on the right track.  Through their faith in God they were able to carry on, deal with whatever issues arose, and fulfill what God wanted them to do.

The only unchanging thing in life is God.  James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”  The best way to handle change is to be a person of steadfast faith in God, trusting Him to take care of you and give the help you need, no matter what happens.  This certainly does not mean it will always be easy.  Sometimes it can be terribly difficult.  You cannot control what happens to you or to your loved ones.  With steadfast faith in God and trust in His guidance, you have the best way to handle whatever changes you face.

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