Podcast Instructions

From a computer

White Rock now offers a podcasting service as well.  If you are interested, follow these steps.

  • Open Itunes. 2) Click on “File”. 3) Click on “Subscribe to Podcast”.     4) Type the following in the window, 5) Click “OK”.  You can now download the sermons to your phone or tablet and enjoy them on the go.


On an Iphone

  • Look up the “Podcast” app. 2) click the “+” on the top left and click “Add Podcast”. 3) Type “ You will not be able to download the audio sermons.


On an Android phone

The process is more complicated on and Android system because you have to download a 3rd party podcast catcher app and there are many or them.  Some are free and some are not, so it is best to do some research on whether the app can actually search for an download specific podcasts.  Please note that some podcasts catchers do not allow you to search for specific podcasts.

  1. Podcast and Radio Addict. Download the app.
  • Click the “+” button at the top of the screen. 2) Click “Search Engine”.  3) Click “Use Itunes Search Engine, and then type “White Rock”. 4) Click “Subscribe” on the White Rock Sermons Icon.  5) Now click anywhere on the icon box again but not “Unsubscribe” and then on the “Episodes”.  You can then download or listen to them online.  Every time you start the app after that, you will automatically see the White Rock Sermons icon.  Click on the 3 vertical periods and “Update Episodes”.  Then click on the icon again and choose any episode to download and listen to.
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