What Did You Do With Your Extra Day?

What Did You Do With Your Extra Day?

Merilyn and I had a great trip to the Phoenix, Arizona area last week to visit our daughter and son-in-law.  Last Sunday we went with them to worship at their home congregation, the Mesa Church of Christ.  The preacher, Terry Singleton, had a good bulletin article that I thought was worth sharing with  you.

What Did You Do With Your Extra Day?

            February 29th was an official extra day.  It even came on a Saturday.  There are 366 days this year because it is leap year, not 365, and we should not let the day go without notice.  So, what grand exciting thing happened on your extra day?

The trouble with time is how we count it.  There were still only 7 days last week.  We didn’t get an extra Saturday, there was only one.  So what day was extra?  There were still 168 hours in the week.  Did we even get one extra hour?  In Arizona we don’t even get an extra hour because we don’t have daylight savings time.  How can we get no more days in the week or hours in a day, but end up with an extra day in the year?

The bigger question is what we do with, “extra” time.  We hear people say, “If I get time,” there are things they will do.  Where are they going to get this extra time?  What we really mean is we will finish other priority items and then have time for the one in question.  Time is more about priority and choosing what we want to do with the same amount of time as everyone else.  Some people work faster than others and so we say they have, “More time”.

When do we have time for God?  It is when we make God a priority.  Human nature is we will do whatever we want to do.  Our biggest priority will be the things that are most important to us.  When we worship, how often we pray, how much we study, are all questions that are about the priority of God in our life.  We may think we don’t have time, but doesn’t God make everything work together?  We can’t hope to accomplish anything unless we have talked to God and have His blessing.  Time spent with God gives us more clarity to make the most of our life.

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